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Micaela Gruber is an all-around fitness guru, with a background in dance, volleyball, softball, track and field, aerobics and weight training. She offers her clients the knowledge to achieve their individual fitness goals for strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. She keeps her one-on-one workouts fresh with a tailored combination of free weights, cables, plyometrics, kettlebells, Pilates-style floor work, crunch-less Abs and other techniques.

For Micaela, the passion for dance, athletics and fitness started during childhood in Morristown, Minnesota. When friends and family repeatedly came to her for fitness tips, she turned her natural talent into a professional pursuit. Micaela is a graduate of the National Personal Trainers Institute in Santa Monica, where she studied fitness and nutrition. Currently on staff at Equinox, Westwood, she also works with private clients in corporate and residential settings.

"I love to see my clients get the results they're seeking," she says. "I will push you as far as you let me to help get you where you want to go."

To schedule your personal consultation with Micaela, and start your training program, call 818.442.89.34 or email her.



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